Friday, February 13, 2009

Canada (hearts) Obama

The Great Beige North:
The new American president has even become the centerpiece of the Canadian Black History Month, which until 1995 had been known as "February."
Why do we have this? In 2002, the Parliament of Canada also transformed May into Asian Heritage Month. Both cases are somewhat inconsistent with the official Canadian cultural policy. Whereas the United States' "original sin" was African slavery, Canada chooses to hold a month-long celebration/dirge for the Aboriginal peoples. . . . Aboriginal history and questions of land claims, reservations, and self-government are regularly spot-lit in schools, the media, and politics. Yet, Aboriginal interest groups like RAPA are still lobbying the House of Commons to declare June the Aboriginal History Month, thus far only municipally successful in the prairie city of Regina. . . .
There's more, and you should go read the whole thing. But now, it's time for the Official Theme Song:

South Park - Blame Canada - The funniest bloopers are right here

Hate Canada: Because It Ain't Illegal Yet!

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