Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Garet Garrett!

It is not every day that the author of The People's Pottage is named out of the clear blue sky:

Though often identified as a strict libertarian, the Old Right writer Garet Garrett was a fiercely nationalist thinker, who never let his ideological sympathies get in the way of his patriotic duties. He was also an "isolationist." By contrast, Blankley equates servitude with service and duty with deference to the State. His "Nationalism" is globalist internationalism on steroids.

Somewhere around here I've got a paperback copy of The People's Pottage that I bought for 50 cents in a used bookstore about 15 years ago. I seem to recall it as having been reprinted by the John Birch Society. I suppose the Paulista movement must have revived interest in the old guy.

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  1. Around the turn of the century (this century, that is), R. W. Bradford's magazine, LIBERTY, spent an amazing number of column-inches trying to a)return Garett to promience and b) substitute him for Rand as the true progenitor of American libertarianism.

    Apparently, the mag managed to go some distance toward the former. Not so much, the latter.

    WORD VERIFICATION: "Pretema". Doesn't he work for NR?