Sunday, February 8, 2009

And they say WE'RE 'wingnuts'

Judith Warner is having some weird dreams about the POTUS. Donald Douglas and Ed Driscoll weigh in. I don't know which is weirder: That Warner would write something like this, or that the New York Times would publish it.

UPDATE: Ed Driscoll: ". . . which brings new meaning to the phrase "Unicorn Rider." The ironic absurdity of all this ought not go unremarked.

Permit me to risk denunciation by recalling that when the McCain campaign rolled out its "Celebrity" ads, a large swath of the left-wing commentariat jumped on it like a graduate seminar in semiotics, deconstructing the context to declare that the Republican was subliminally conjuring fears of miscegenation by associating Obama with such noted icons of virtuous white womanhood as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Now, however, the New York Times gives Judith Warner leave to publish the uncorrected draft of her script for Mighty Anaconda of Hope: Jungle Fever on the Potomac and . . . well, that's OK, see? Progressive standards are so high, they need two standards for everything.

And where the heck is Ace? Do you expect me to believe that Ace doesn't have anything to say about Judith Warner's couch trip?

UPDATE II: Deuce Geary at Skepticrats:
What really kills me about these self-obsessed neurotics is their need to normalize these bizarre fantasies.
One wonders how much Prozac they gobble to reach that state of mind. According to them, conservatives are the repressed people with "hangups," but ask any of my friends: I'm the most unrepressed person on the planet. Heck, I'm irrepressible. I'm an unabashed babe-blogger, and I have no trouble acknowledging celebrity hotness. But writing about your obsessive fantasies -- do we really want to go there? I mean, I'm sure nobody wants to deal with the mental image of me in fishnet stockings and stiletto heels . . . or do they?

Hey, it's the blogosphere. Bring you own brain bleach.


  1. Actually, I think you missed the point.

    Obama was elected as a "nice guy". Or "Not Bush". Or "not white".

    None of the reported dreams or hopes had anything to do with leading a nation. Or with defending the Constitution or our shores.

    The only thing Presidential about the Obama fantasies were libido-driven.

    That is what scares me. Not even his "ardent" supporters think he is capable as a President.

  2. My favorite was the woman who felt "anxiety" over not being in the Obamas' inner circle. My God, these people are self-obsessed!

  3. Thanks for the mention in the update, but the link is wrong. This is the correct link.