Thursday, February 12, 2009

Closing in on 1 million hits

As of 9 p.m. Thursday, The Other McCain had received 992K visits. Regular blogging began in March, when the monthly total was 6,629 visits. Traffic slowly built over the next several months, reaching 73K in August before the 292K awesomeness of September (thank you, Governor Palin).

The past couple of days -- with major linkage from,, and Ace of Spades HQ -- have produced more than 23K visits, and it figures that if traffic remains at even a modest 3,000 visits per day, we'll cross the 1-million-visit mark sometime Saturday.

How should this occasion be celebrated?


  1. A betting pool on the remaining number of days for the Obama administration!

  2. That is amazing and i like Bill's idea :)

  3. Well I am actually sort of pissed.

    I want new legislation! Spread the hits! I don't care if they really come to my blog, just fork over some of those hard-earned hits, elitist!

    Geez. And you gripe about nothing in the stimulus for you... >:(

  4. At least a give and take for scandals for his cabinet nominations..

  5. Good steak and Malbec. No salad and spring water.

  6. @Bill:
    Well, there's this.
    My suggestion would be a retrospective. "Top 10 posts in the last year you might have missed".
    A few angry, a few serious, a few funny.

  7. Save your cash by not paying taxes? That seems like a pretty legit plan nowadays.