Saturday, November 1, 2008

Palin's special base

The LA Times reports:
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin arrived at the Boyer Orchards here Friday afternoon, entering a sweet-smelling wooden barn full of crates of apples. "This is gorgeous," Palin said, greeting workers.
The visit was designed to highlight small businesses and their special needs and how a John McCain administration would help them.
And the Republican vice presidential candidate did talk business and taxes with Matthew and Bruce Boyer, whose family has owned and worked this 300-acre orchard for 51 years now.
But it was after their business chat that Palin had some special moments with a special fan, Amber Brown. As Palin left the barn, an excited crowd outside was mid-verse singing "God Bless America," but roared at the sight of Palin.
Brown, who is 23 and from New Paris, held a poster that said: “I have Down’s syndrome and I’m voting for you. I’m a fighter too!”
That kind of cuts through the cynicism, eh?

1 comment:

  1. That kind of cuts through the cynicism, eh?

    For some.

    For others, like our progressive friends, Sarah allowing ("mutant") Trig to live gives them a chance to shill for eugenics, again.

    Progressives are, quite simply, vile, hateful beasts.