Monday, October 27, 2008

Boffo box office for Obama

Andrew Breitbart:
The making of the Barack Obama franchise far exceeded the skill set of Washington's best. In fact, the recipe for Mr. Obama's global popularity can be attributed less to political minds and chance than to the enduring power of Hollywood. . . .
With its emphasis on star power, the Obama campaign from Day One emphasized the candidate's perfectly cut presidential presence.
From its skillful editing to its out-of-control budget and its relentless marketing, Mr. Obama's team played a different game at a different level than Sen. John McCain and his traditionalist staff.
For starters, top minds in Washington assessed an inexperienced ultraliberal of partial African heritage with the name Barack Hussein Obama as a hard sell.
But in his look, tone and temperament, Mr. Obama resembles some of the top domestic and foreign box-office titans of our time.
Unless, of course, hicks in sticks nix pics.

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