Sunday, October 26, 2008

Irony triumphant

Multiple layers of irony are being exposed in the denouement of this campaign, including "Cakewalk Ken" Adelman's Obama endorsement and the choice of animal-rights kook Matthew Scully to write speeches for moosehunting Sarah Palin.

The latest irony? Remember John McCain's screwball idea of naming Andrew Cuomo as SEC chairman?
"Andrew Cuomo has distinguished himself by going after wrongdoing on Wall Street -- that's exactly the kind of bulldog we need at the S.E.C. to fight for American investors and taxpayers."
-- Peter Feldman, 9/22/08
Peter Feldman -- that name ring a bell? He was the guy pushing the Ashley Todd hoax to the media. None of the liberal bloggers trashing Feldman for pushing the hoax seem to have noticed his previous role as the "Republicans for Cuomo" spokesman.

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