Saturday, November 1, 2008

On the rogue diva whack job

Kathryn Jean Lopez's latest column defending Sarah Palin, carries a stern permission warning, so I won't quote it, except this one sentence:
She has presented America with an entirely new type of feminism, one that conservative women and the Catholic Church can finally understand and identify with.
Eh? K-Lo lost me around that curve. I don't want a "new type of feminism," or an old type of feminism, or any feminism at all. Feminism sucks. (Or, as I like to say, "Equality is for ugly losers.") And what does the Catholic Church have to do with it?

K-Lo's column would be more convincing if she were explicit about the real culprit in the Team Maverick debacle (i.e., the bailout stunt) and if she would identify the real source of the anti-Palin attacks. Palin is being sabotaged by Republicans who are trying to scramble aboard the Jeb Bush 2012 bandwagon.

Conservatives who support Palin recognize her as a potential fresh start for the GOP, whereas devotees of the status quo are looking to continue the Bush dynasty. Republicans got stuck with John McCain as this year's nominee not because there was an overwhelming landslide for McCain (who finished with just 47% of the GOP primary vote) but because conservatives failed to unite behind an Anybody But McCain candidate.

Mark my words, the 2012 primaries will come down to Jeb Bush vs. Please God Not Jeb Bush, and Palin is the obvious PGNJB candidate. If the field gets overcrowded with a bunch of wannabes -- Huckabee, Romney, etc. -- dividing up the PGNJB vote, then we'll get Jeb Bush. We've already had two Bushes too many.

So, yeah, the GOP is screwed because somebody made the wrong running-mate choice, but it wasn't made by John McCain in 2008. It was made by Ronald Reagan in 1980. Conservatives should rally around the slogan, "NO MORE BUSHES."


  1. I think it's too early to state that Palin "will be" the non-Bush.

    But it IS clear that Romney will be another Bush.

  2. As a Floridian, I gotta say, Jeb is the Bush we should've had in the whitehouse. Honest. He's the smart one and the beneficiary of the verbal skills that were omitted from the rest of his family. As Governor here in Florida he was regarded about as well as Sarah Palin is in Alaska. A large part of current Governor, Charlie Crist's popularity is a residual of being the successor and continuation of Jeb.

    On the other hand - "no more Bushes" is a perfectly reasonable position for many reasons and I simply will not argue against it. I'll only point out that on his own merits Jeb Bush would have been a fine candidate for President and it is very reasonable to believe that he would have governed well and ably. Still, enough with the Bushes.

  3. Bobby Jindal. If he had served another two years prior to this election he would have been the Veep pick... If not the POTUS pick.

    Jeb Bush and Sarah Palin have better things to do, say runs at their states' Senate seats.

    Jindal is the guy for 2012.