Sunday, October 26, 2008

Palin coming to Pa. on Tuesday

She will join John McCain at a Tuesday morning rally in Hershey (a 100-mile drive for me) and then do an afternoon event solo in Shippensburg (a 50-mile drive for me). Meanwhile, Fred Barnes has a piece about the anti-Palin punditocracy:
In judging Palin, it comes down to who is more credible. Is it those who've worked with her, or know her, or have at least met and talked with her? Or those who haven't? The answer is a no-brainer. Okay, I may be biased on the subject of Palin, having been impressed after spending nearly two hours with her on one occasion and an hour on another.
My advice is ignore the critics who know far less about Palin than she does about foreign policy. A good example is Ken Adelman, who headed the arms control agency in the Reagan administration. Adelman recently endorsed Obama and said he "would not have hired [Palin] for even a mid-level post in the arms control agency." Well, I know both Palin and Adelman. And Ken, I'm sorry to tell you, but I think there are an awful lot of jobs in Washington that Palin would get before you.
Fred is a squish on immigration and his fawning hagiography of Bush infuriated me, but I agree with him about Palin's critics, who are clearly trying to make her the scapegoat for Republican failures she had nothing to do with.

One reason Palin is so disdained by the elite punditocracy is that Team Maverick botched the rollout, which allowed the MSM to depict her as a shallow, clueless lightweight -- the perfect scapegoat for the know-it-all pundits. It is to Palin's credit that she reportedly recognizes the gigantic PR blunder committed by her "campaign handlers." Unlike any of them, Palin has actually worked in a newsroom.


  1. The key phrase "former Bush aides."

    I have a number of disagreements with President Bush, some pretty serious. But when he prevents a follow-on attack to 9-11, presides over an economy that continued to not fail through one stress and calamity after another, with unemployment numbers at historic lows, prosecutes two wars with substantial success and after all that is leaving office with approval ratings in the 20s - this is telling us that NOBODY anywhere around him has a clue how to communicate with the public. Yes, Bush is obviously a major part of that problem. Just as obviously he isn't getting a damn bit of help from the people around him.

    Nobody who is called a "Bush aide" should be allowed anywhere near a political campaign. They have squandered good will and good luck in the past, they will continue throwing it away.

  2. >Team Maverick botched the rollout, which allowed the MSM to depict her as a shallow, clueless lightweight

    Stuff and nonsense. The Media Electoral College was going to defecate its text in any case. You may find your cousin playing a conservative hand a trifle out of character, but it made sense in this case.