Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So much for the 'secret' part

When you read about it in the Politico, it's not "secret":
Two days after next week's election, top conservatives will gather at the Virginia weekend home of one of the movement's most prominent members to begin a conversation about their role in the GOP and how best to revive a party that may be out of power at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue next year.
The meeting will include a "who's who of conservative leaders -- economic, national security and social," said one attendee, who shared initial word of the secret session only on the basis of anonymity and with some details about the host and location redacted.
The planned "secret" session is also mentioned in this New York Times article -- naming the names of the Media Research Center's Brent Bozell and the Leadership Institute's Morton Blackwell among those who see Sarah Palin as a focal point of conservative revival. (Clever idea.) Of course, the "secret" session is only for "top conservatives," so the rest of us poor slobs will just have to await orders from on high, I suppose. A grassroots movement organized on a top-down basis -- this should be fun to watch.

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  1. Remember: elitists are only bad if they are liberal.