Sunday, October 26, 2008

A sucker is born every minute

Somebody at AOSHQ actually went out as a volunteer for the McCain campaign. Yeah, the same campaign where the top-paid staffer for the week ending Oct. 10 was makeup artist Amy Strozzi. They've paid $36,000 to Strozzi since September (and another $18,825 to hairstylist Angela Lew) and you're volunteering to go door-to-door for nothing? Chump.

There is a reason that the Republican Party has lost nearly all its grassroots energy, and it has a lot to do with the profligacy and incompetence of the overpaid "professionals" who run these campaigns. Lots of conservatives don't even open mail from the RNC anymore -- just throw the fundraising letters straight in the trash. Why give money to people who are only going to use it to hire idiots like Peter Feldman?

Campaign professionals are living large, billing everything to the expense account and throwing fat consulting contracts at their buddies. They get paid whether the candidate wins or loses, so it's not like they actually care what happens. And you're going to let them make you work for nothing? Like the GOP is an orphanage or a soup kitchen, a charity that needs volunteers?

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