Sunday, October 26, 2008

Harvard genius vs. college dropout

Ross Douthat (Harvard '02) vs. Rush Limbaugh, who dropped out of Southeast Missouri State in 1971:
[Limbaugh's argument] has a certain surface plausibility - just enough, I suspect, to be persuasive to the many, many conservatives eager to be convinced that the '08 outcome had everything to do with John McCain's heresies and the treason of the Beltway elites, and nothing whatsoever to do with them.
In other words, Rush's 20 million listeners are what's wrong with the Republican Party. If only they'd listen to these young Harvard graduates who know everything . . .

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  1. Douthat is correct, and because his pointy-headed pseudo-intellectual neo-con pals have run the Republicans into the ground, they need not ask me to contribute any $$, since I am a freedom loving anti-intellectual whitey racist cracker. When somebody comes up with a real conservative/libertarian party that knows how to grab limp-wristed liberal fascists by the ponytail from behind and slit the throat while simultaneously kicking them in the balls, call me.

  2. Mr Douthat very nonchalantly dismisses the core Republican beliefs that Rush is asking the faithful to have. Pro life, small government, self reliance, and low taxes are some of the core beliefs. If you don't share them then you should go to the party that does and get them to accommodate your other non core beliefs.
    I like to think of it in terms of transportation. If I want to go Northwest, I don't jump on a southbound train and shout stop. I find a train that is either going west or North and shovel coal until we get to the station I need to change at. Why do some people insist that all trains must go their way as soon as they get aboard?

  3. Right on Doctor! Compassionate conservative = neocon = liberal = loser in my book. I've also written off the RNC and won't give them one red cent. BO can also kiss my hairy arse if he thinks he's going to redistribute a penny of my hard earned wealth to some fat, lazy, baby spewing welfare pig living off the government teat. Sad thing is, McCain is only the lesser of two evils. We certainly need change, just not the totalitarian type BO will bring.