Sunday, October 26, 2008

The 'pro-life Democrat' scam

This would be amusing, were it not so sad:
The political advertisement that aired in Montgomery, Ala., spoke plainly to conservative voters' values. As an image of three toddlers in diapers flashed across the screen, a narrator intoned that Mayor Bobby Bright, who is running for Congress, "supports their right to life."
The anti-abortion pitch is standard fare in Alabama's Second Congressional District, a deeply conservative area that President Bush carried twice and that has been represented in Washington by a Republican for four decades.
What makes the spot unusual is that Mr. Bright is a Democrat. And that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which has been pushing hard for Mr. Bright's election, paid for it.
In fact, Mr. Bright is one of a dozen anti-abortion Democratic challengers the party has recruited to run for the House this year and has aggressively supported with millions of dollars and other resources in culturally conservative districts long unfriendly to the party.
On this issue, there is no arguing that the Democratic Party is completely controlled by Planned Parenthood, NARAL and Emily's List. Obama will name pro-choice, pro-gay-marriage activist judges to the courts, and a Democratic-controlled Congress will pour even more money into Planned Parenthood's coffers through Title X. And yet some people are foolish enough to believe that there is something to be gained by voting for "pro-life Democrats."

Remember the "conservative" Democrat Jim Webb, who won the Virginia Senate race in 2006? Webb gets a 100% rating by NARAL, a 100% rating by the AFL-CIO and AFSCME, and rates 85% with the liberal Americans for Democratic Action. Meanwhile, Webb scored an F from the American Taxpayers Union.

The idiots who vote for "pro-life Democrats" don't pay enough attention to realize they're being bamboozled, just like they don't notice that "Catholics for Obama" shill Doug Kmiec is funded by George Soros.


  1. A replay of 2006 where a slate of moderate, socially conservative Democrats were elected in order to serve a radical, leftist Democratic congressional caucus.

    Electing pro-life Democrats empowers abortion absolutist Democrats. Cruelly ironic.

  2. Can you elaborate on the problem with voting for pro-life democrats?

  3. I disagree with you. Have you really looked into what Democrats For Life of America stands for?

    In my opinion, it is high time a group combined the good from both the Republican and Democrat parties.

    Too long, the only choice has been a Republican party who while supportive of unborn children, has also supported warmongering, the death penalty, taxing the poor to give to the rich, free trade, persecution of immigrants, etc.

    I am tempted to think those criticizing groups such as DFLA are secretly not so much pro-life as hateful of illegal immigrants or warmongerers!

    It has long been pointed out that both parties are hypocritical in their conflicting views on abortion and the death penalty. This rant to me seems just conspiracy talk, fearmongering against Democrats, rather than offering valid criticisms.