Thursday, October 30, 2008

Amen, Craig Shirley!

I agree with almost everything he says:
I heartily endorse fingerpointing and bloodletting. . . .
I would rather speak today of Governor Palin and the cut and run crowd of the Republican Party. I think it is not a coincidence that many hail from New York City, as it seems they have channeled the "Lost Generation," moaning, whining, bewailing the fact that Sarah Palin is not.... one of them. . . . A generation ago, the same elitists bewailed "that actor" taking over the Republican Party. None of them thought as highly of Reagan then as they profess to now. Few have ever gotten their hands dirty running a campaign and some like David Brooks are in need of an ideological booster seat. Debate yes over Palin, but for Brooks to call her a "cancer" on the GOP is vile in the extreme, unchivalrous, unmanly and most especially untrue. No one would ever think of calling Brooks a "cancer" but he is not a conservative, has never been a conservative, does not speak for conservatism and is simply being derivative. One suspects his cruel comments are more about settling old high school scores, when young women like Palin were chosento be the homecoming queen while young men like Brooks were always chosen last for a pickup basketball game. . . .
(This is the part I disagree with -- Brooks is at least a suspicious lesion on the Republican Party, and Sarah Heath wasn't the homecoming queen, rather a starting point guard on the basketball team, whereas Brooks had a note from his mother excusing him from P.E. class because of his allergy to gym socks.)
Palin has been ill served by her staff, who have been leaking against her and she is wise, according to recent reports, to chart her own course. If Palin is guilty of anything, it was not understanding the insidious relationship her "handlers" and the Washington elites have with each other. Palin is guilty of not understanding that, for these people, she is simply a vehicle through which they have fun and make profit. She has only found out recently and ruefully that if she calls one of her handlers simultaneous to a call say, from Chris Matthews, the handler will take Matthews call first. Governor Palin, put not your faith in princesses. . . .
Palin should pick up this populist issue and run with it. Palin needs to let the people know their common sense conservatism is always right, and the ideologically casual elites of the modern GOP are always wrong.
Damn straight! We'll see you at CPAC, Mrs. Palin -- and I'm going to talk to a few friends about exactly who will not be on the invitation list at CPAC next year.

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