Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Video: 'Remote, obscure places'

I was on the scene in York, Pa., today when John McCain declared American solidarity with Georgia:

Allahpundit says Obama has been "caught napping" by allowing John McCain to beat him to the popular pro-democracy stance, as polls show:
Men prefer McCain to Obama in such a situation 56% to 30%, but 40% of women think Obama could handle it best. More women (46%), however, still think McCain is the man for the job. . .
More than one-out-of-five Democrats (22%) think the Republican presidential candidate would handle it better than the prospective candidate of their own party. . . . Among unaffiliated voters, 56% prefer McCain while 28% like Obama better.
And look at the reaction when Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili quotes McCain's "we are all Georgians" at a rally in Tbilisi:

As John Hinderaker says, "John McCain has seemed almost more the leader of the free world than the President."

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