Saturday, August 16, 2008

David Limbaugh can't hear it, either

The "dog whistle" appeal to racial fears that liberals see everywhere in the Republican campaign against Obama? Here's another conservative saying, "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?":
Reuters featured a piece by Matthew Bigg, titled "When it comes to race, U.S. politicians talk in code." . . .
Biggs says that references to Obama's alleged inexperience (alleged?) and perceived arrogance (perceived?) "could also be seen as subtle racial digs," according to unnamed commentators -- probably meaning Biggs himself.
How do the unnamed clairvoyants infer racism from these legitimate criticisms against Obama?
Limbaugh sees this as intrinsic to liberals' sense of "self-anointment as moral paragons," and this pretense of paranormal perception -- claiming to see racial "code" where normal people see only the regular give-and-take of politics -- makes sense in no other way.

Liberals are able to see these things because of their superior intelligence and virtue, of course, and so our failure to see the same thing is therefore (further) proof that we are stupid and vicious.

Pointing an accusatory finger in someone's face is not generally a successful means of persuasion, and liberals jumping up and down screaming "racism" at every criticism of Obama are probably having an impact on public opinion quite contrary to their intentions.

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