Saturday, August 16, 2008

Delusion at Hope HQ

"The polls will change, but we know we need 200,000 new voters to be competitive in Georgia, and now is when we have to get them."
-- David Plouffe

Speaking as a native Georgian, Mr. Plouffe, I certainly hope you'll pour maximum effort into this project. You register all those voters, you run lots of ads in Georgia, and when you're through pissing away your campaign's money and manpower on this doomed cause, Georgia will still vote Republican, and the whole world will be laughing at you Nov. 5 if you come up a few thousand votes short in Ohio or Pennsylvania.

Your candidate couldn't even compete with Hillary Clinton in Kentucky or West Virginia -- states with far stronger Democratic trends than Georgia --and yet you persist in the belief that you're going to win a state where John Kerry finished on the short end of a 17-point deficit?

Quos perdere vult deus dementat prius.

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