Friday, August 15, 2008

Illegals support Obama

Lisa Schiffren reports from New York:
As it happens, most of the counterfeit purses, sunglasses, and some other shlock are sold by West Africans, most of whom are here illegally. In recent days, around the city I have noticed a new addition to their wares: rows of baseball caps with an "Obama" logo. No McCain caps — ever. If you ask, they laugh in a none too friendly way.
For pointing this out, Ms. Schiffren is accused of being anti-capitalist. Myself, I'm all in favor of unauthorized, bootleg, tax-dodging, sidewalk capitalism in New York. Anything that cheats the Bloomberg bureaucracy out of a nickel is a good thing. The more the underground economy booms, the greater the likelihood the city's deficits will force the city to lay off some of the subnormal parasitical scum they call "public school teachers."


  1. Don't worry Robert. Wall Street losses (and the accompanying reduction in the tax they pay) are already putting a hole in the NYC budget you could drive an aircraft carrier through.

  2. "...the subnormal parasitical scum they call "public school teachers."

    Don't pull your punches!

    Actually, I would love to see a concerted effort by people in the non-left media, digital and other, to expose this situation (K-12 ed) to daily coverage. The Seattle school board (former) webpage, the Brooklyn College Ed school demand for student's commitment to "social justice," etc, should be publicized on blogs, WSJ, and other papers, everywhere possible, relentlessly. I'm a Big10 prof, and even the non-lefty faculty I know are completely unaware of this situation (the lefties, of course, don't see it as a problem).
    Keep up the good work.