Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obamascam: TicketGate in Denver

Michelle Malkin detects the scent of bovine manure exuded by St. Hopey's promise of "first come, first served" tickets to his mile-high apotheosis at Invesco Field:
[I]t appeared the ticket give-away wasn't as advertised but because the campaign perpetuated the idea that the vast majority of passes would go to regular people of all backgrounds and political beliefs.
Instead, several of those who missed out said they suspect the bulk of the tickets were passed out to people who worked for -- or gave money to -- the campaign.
"It just makes me angry," said Katherine Thayer, of Denver. "If they're going to go out and say it's first-come, first-served and then turn around and reward people who volunteer or gave money, then they ought to be up front about it."
Prediction: By this time next week, prime tickets to the Obamatheosis will be going on Craigslist for $200 and up. Just because Democratic bigwigs rant and rave against greedy capitalists doesn't mean they'll pass up a chance to make a quick buck.

Folks, if you think you got bamboozled on this "free ticket" scam, just see how long you'll be waiting for that "middle-class tax cut" he's promising you. When you volunteer to be a doormat, don't complain about the footprints on your back.

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  1. From a technical p.o.v. this is really Ticket gate 2, electric buggaloo.

    When I first saw ticket gate in the headline, I thought about how Obama had unpaid parking tickets that dated back to when he was in college, which, as far as I'm concerned automaticly disqualified him to be president.

    What kind of POTUS doesn't pay his parking tickets?

    THATS President material? That's where I jumped off.