Friday, August 15, 2008

Barack: Under the bus, Kwame

Detroit's indicted mayor is unwelcome in Denver:
The convention should be about the economic problems facing the nation overall and Michigan specifically, Brent Colburn, Obama’s Michigan campaign spokesman said.
"Many Michigan families are struggling as a result of the failed policies and old politics that John McCain wants to continue. The focus of our convention to people back here in Michigan should be on Barack Obama and how the party intends to get America back on track, not a distraction involving the troubles of one individual," Colburn said in a statement released this afternoon.
Later today, Kilpatrick issued a statement calling Obama's nomination "a historic event, however I'm focused on running the city, and I don't want anything to distract from that extraordinary moment. The focus should remain on uniting the party and leading our great nation in a different direction."
Translation: Democratic Party bigwigs told Kwame to shut up and skip the convention, or else his corrupt party cronies might not be too generous with those legal-defense-fund contributions.

But notice the double standard: Nobody's disinviting the Chappaquiddick swim champ, are they?

(Hat tips: JWF and AOSHQ.)

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  1. >Chappaquiddick swim champ
    Did you see The Onion's "Our Dumb Century", where they had a headline: Apollo 13 Astronauts Drown, as Ted Kennedy Flees Splashdown Site?
    Whoever wrote that is my hero.