Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fading stickers, fading hope

Howie Carr in the Boston Herald:
Now will you moonbats finally peel the Kerry-Edwards bumper stickers off your rusting Volvos and Saabs?
I’ve been telling you people for almost four years now how foolish you look, refusing to scrape off the reminders of yet another doomed Democrat ticket. . . .
But after Friday, how can even a Prozac-swallowing moonbat’s moonbat continue to endure the snickers that a Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker produces everywhere, including on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge?
Thanks to Marilyn Cummings for pointing this out. Carr's reminder of the role that bitter disappointment plays in moonbat dementia calls to mind something I wrote last month:
After their bitter disappointment over the 2000 Gore-Bush showdown in Florida, and their rage over the "Swiftboating" of Kerry in 2004, Democrats would descend into a state of political apoplexy if the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy snookered them a third time.
You think "Bush Derangement Syndrome" is bad? John McCain might become the first president to face impeachment on Inauguration Day. (Dennis Kucinich could easily whip up a 47-point indictment between Nov. 4 and Jan. 20.)
Granted, there's no civic virtue in electing a Republican president purely for the pleasure of crushing the hopes of liberals. But wouldn't it be fun?
The triumph of Spite over Hope -- just the sort of mean-spirited fun that makes our conspiracy so vast.

UPDATE: Speaking of moonbats . . .

(Hat tip: Laura.) Just random thinking here: Whatever happened to that "war for oil" we were supposed to be fighting?

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