Friday, August 15, 2008

Poll Watch update

Gallup TIED: McCain 44%, Obama 44%

Obama was up by 6 just two days ago. Gallup says the shift is "due more to movement away from Obama than toward McCain. . . . This could to some degree reflect Obama's absence from the campaign trail while he vacations in Hawaii."

The daily tracking polls lately have had more ups and downs than Rielle Hunter in John Edwards' hotel room.

Rasmussen today finds Barack Obama 2 points ahead of John McCain, 47%-45% ("leaners" included). And to show you what kind of idiots the Democratic Party attracts, 24% of Democrats say they still think it's possible Hillary Clinton could win the nomination.

Will update later with the Gallup numbers and such other new poll data as I can manage to corner in the men's restroom of the Beverly Hilton.

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