Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh, you knew this was coming

A transvestite to compete on America's Next Top Model:
One of the 14 girls who will compete on the new season of America's Next Top Model -- which returns to The CW on September 3 -- is transgender.
"My cards were dealt differently," Isis, a 22-year-old former receptionist, tells Us Weekly. . . .
Will she be a role model?
"I like to help people, but I'm here to follow my dreams," she tells Us.
The inclusion of Isis is being hailed by GLAAD president Neil Giuliano as "an unprecedented opportunity for a community that is underrepresented on television.
"We applaud Tyra Banks and The CW for making this historic visibility of transgender people possible," Giuliano said.
This kind of PC gesture is only a gesture. "Isis" will not become a "top model," and the entire purpose of her inclusion is to give TV time to an "underrepresented community."

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