Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bias and disinformation

Jennifer Rubin on the "see-no-evil" media:
There is a reason why the news media’s trustworthiness is rated so low. MSM news reporting by and large has not improved or become more rigorous with the advent of so many alternative news outlets. (To the contrary, the 24-hour landscape of cable news has sent them scurrying for their niche audience, wary of any mildly opposing views that might offend their target audience.)
However, because of this and other similar episodes, the public now fully appreciates just how deficient most of the MSM outlets are.
The MSM refuse to examine the implications of the narratives that liberals spoonfeed them, including "the insinuations [that Rielle Hunter is] a political groupie humping anyone with a DNC Guest Pass."

How is it that our enlightened liberal friends, supposedly so sensitive to feminism and all that, can't see that Edwards' cover-up defense amounts to, "She's a lying slut." What's amazing to me is how the Edwards' camp has gotten Hunter to play along with their little game for so long.

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