Sunday, August 10, 2008

My white trash cousin

Well, that's what she says, anyway:
I lost my good humor when Hubby came back from the store with plastic sheeting and duct tape. All the bad-mouthing and tssk-ing I’ve done about people with plastic-covered car windows has come back to haunt me. He did it neatly, and everyone says you can hardly tell, but I know what folks are really thinking. I’m finally outed as one of “those” people.
So if you drive by my house and see a washing machine on the lawn or an old hound dog lolling in a tattered easy chair on the front porch, we haven’t moved. I’ve just given in to the inevitable. At least until the glass repairmen get here.
My cousin Pepper, the Georgia newspaper columnist, is the daughter of my beloved Aunt Barbara, who passed away earlier this year. Don't call us white trash. "Shabby gentility" sounds so much more dignified, doesn't it?

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