Saturday, June 21, 2008

Who is fueling Obama rumors?

Liberal columnist Walter Brasch:
Voluminous lies and exaggerations about Sen. Barack Obama permeate the conservative talk shows, e-mails, and Internet. From bitterness dripping in an equal amount of invective and stupidity, we are told that Obama is a radical Muslim "mole" who is waiting to take over America, that he attended Muslim schools and was indoctrinated in that faith, that he switched to Christianity solely to get elected to office, and that he took his oath of office by placing his hand on a Koran.
I listen to lots of talk radio and spend hours a day on the Internet, and have never once heard this "Obama is a Muslim" stuff from any conservative sources. Where do I hear it? Only from liberals like Walter Brasch, who claim to be fighting "smears" from the right.

Unless and until Brasch and his fellow liberals are prepared to cite specific examples -- to name names, rather than generically attributing these rumors to "the right" -- they should shut up about this stuff.

UPDATE: Via Insty, Howard Mortman points to this ad that ran in South Dakota, using footage from an Obama speech in which he says America is "no longer a Christian nation":

That shoddy-looking ad, which looks like it was put together on a laptop as a class project by a high-school sophomore, was referenced by Obama in explaining his decision to opt out of public funding. It's worth noting that this ad ran during the South Dakota Democratic primary, meaning that its sponsors were probably a Hillary Clinton front group.

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  1. I find it hilarious that on a weblog called "The Moderate Voice" we find such non-moderate posts. Put this alongside the one a few weeks ago calling Gitmo Rumsfeld's gulag.