Saturday, June 21, 2008

Team Barr's growing pains

Bob Barr's presidential campaign just sent out a fundraising message, seeking to raise $40,750 "immediately" to cover the cost of moving into new headquarters in Atlanta:
Right now, we're completely out of space in our temporary location (as I type this, I'm literally back to back with six others in a single office) and can't fit in any more workers. The location that we need to secure . . . is an old AT&T call center. [Campaign] Russ [Verney] loves it because it's a very big open room with only two, small windows.
The Barr campaign is very Web-oriented, organizing grassroots supporters via Meetup, and signing up more than 2,500 members on its Facebook group. Barr was on the Dennis Miller radio show Friday, and just appeared on

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