Monday, June 16, 2008

'Whitey'? Who me?

I'm nicely tanned, thank you very much, and never lighter than a medium beige. Still, the Chicago Tribune says that if you're "dumb" enough to take umbrage at being called "whitey," then you "deserve to be insulted."

Beyond the irony of being lectured on what people should or should not take offense at by those who constantly remind us that giving “offense” is commensurate with “hate speech,” and as such, is worthy of special remedies . . . what is especially astounding and galling about his piece of Foucaultean dross is that it seems to take its own cynical argument seriously . . ."
"Foucaultean dross" -- that there's some mighty fancy talk, coming from a po' white cracker like Jeff.

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  1. Well, if you ever wanted to read a bunch of pretty strung together in an incoherent fashion than Protein Wisdom is the place for you.

    "Look at me, I'm using a 30 year old song as a pretext for my racial indignation!"

    How clever of him.