Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Democrat: Don't deport the hotties!

Hope for a bipartisan consensus?
A New York congressman who has been romantically linked by tabloid newspapers to several high-profile, beautiful women, is one step closer to creating a special work permit for foreign fashion models.
Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner, a 43-year-old bachelor, has proposed legislation giving international beauties their own U.S. visa category, rather than have them compete with computer analysts and scientists for the non-immigrant H-1B visa for skilled professionals.
"From Fashion Week to our vibrant publishing industry to the many designers that call New York City home, fashion is a vital part of our economy that drives thousands of jobs," Weiner said in an email to Reuters.
The New York Post recently romantically linked Weiner to Huma Abedin, who was recently featured in Vogue magazine.
Huma Abedin is glamorous, all right, but Weiner's not the only Democrat linked to Abedin. Weiner's "H-1B for Hotties" proposal was unearthed by David Weigel of Reason, prompting Jim Antle to endorse the Weiner plan as "a principled exception to my restrictionist position . . . an increase in immigration I can support."

The congressman's proposal reminds me of the original "gee-hottie," Fawzia Mohamed, Miss Egypt 2006, who I'm sure could get an H-1B visa anytime she wants one. Obviously, Fawzia is a powerful force for freedom in the Middle East -- nobody wants to put her in a burqa.

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