Monday, June 16, 2008

Team Obama: Over their heads

Troubling news for Democrats:

Barack Obama's campaign envisions a path to the presidency that could include Virginia, Georgia and several Rocky Mountain states, but not necessarily the pair of battlegrounds that decided the last two elections — Florida and Ohio.
In a private pitch late last week to donors and former supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe outlined several alternatives to reaching the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House that runs counter to the conventional wisdom of recent elections.
When your nominee's campaign manager starts talking about ceding the two biggest swing states to the opposition, that's some seriously bad mojo. The PUMA (Party Unity, My A$$) crowd won't be happy about this.

Just in case Democrats need another reason to worry, Team Obama is headed by a 41-year-old college dropout and a 53-year-old ex-journalist. Hey, I'm a journalist, too, but at least I graduated college.

UPDATE: From an open letter to DNC Chairman Howard Dean from PUMAPac:

During the nomination process, Senator Obama and his campaign did not support counting all the votes in Michigan and Florida, did not accept a compromise plan that would have allowed new primaries in those states, and completely ignored the voters in states like Kentucky and West Virginia. . . .
In effect, the party’s nominee was selected and advanced by means of a series of inappropriate actions and inactions. As a result, many deeply devoted Democrats, who, like me, have proudly called ourselves Democrats over the years and who have supported Democratic candidates with our votes and donations, are greatly distressed by a process that has amounted to abandoning our party’s principles of full democratic participation and fair reflection. . . .
To which I add: Denver! Denver! Denver!

UPDATE II: Commentary's Jennifer Rubin suggests that readers try their own hand at the Electoral College map, and says of Plouffe's notion of winning without FL/OH:
It is not impossible. But it is really, really hard for Obama to get to 270 in a credible way without these states. . . .
Did the Democrats manage to get someone who transformed a Democratic sure-thing into a nail-biter?

Well, duh. Read the Spectator!



  1. It's hard when you don't quite know which states to pander to.

  2. The PUMA party is hoping Obama will lose, so why would they be mad that, in your words, he would be "ceding" the 2 biggest states. Unless of course, you were being snarky. Also, you make fun of Obama's campaign being run by a "drop out", but it seems to me Obama's camp has out organized, out fundraised, and all around out did the Clinton AND John "Get me my horse and buggy" McCain.

  3. Keep telling yourself that.