Monday, June 16, 2008

Latest Gallup: Obama 46%, McCain 42%

Still not the "bounce," but McCain remains flat:
The latest release, based on June 13-15 interviewing with over 2,600 registered voters nationwide, shows Obama regaining a statistically significant lead overMcCain. Over the weekend, the race was slightly closer, but Obama still held an advantage. . . .
The percentage with no opinion is down slightly to 13% in today's release, though this is still higher than it has been for most of the tracking to date.
If Team Obama has cause for concern, McCain's stagnant numbers (he's been below 46% in Gallup's dailytracking poll since June 1) should be equally concerning for Republicans.

UPDATE: Ace of Spades:
No matter how much the MSM wants to present Obama as a unifying figure who can and should garner 85% of the popular vote, the fact is he couldn't even manage a majority of the vote in the Democratic primary.
Also via AOSHQ, Kate Beckinsale doesn't want to show her booty in a nude scene. Which doesn't have a lot of political significance, but I thought you might be getting bored with all this poll stuff.
Meanwhile, via the WaPo, my beginning Electoral College map:

Just six states -- New York, California, Illinois, Maryland, Washington and Vermont -- gets Obama to 130, while McCain needs 16 states (Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Indiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Utah, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas South Carolina) to get to 146, leaving 261 undecided. I suppose I could go ahead and call Georgia for McCain, but don't want to discount the Barr factor.

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