Thursday, June 19, 2008

Evangelicals vs. McCain

Tim Carney, now writing the Evans & Novak Political Report, sees trouble for John McCain:
On the religious conservative side, McCain is also facing difficulties. Ineptitude and insensitivity resulted in insults to two evangelical leaders, the Rev. John Hagee and Focus on the Family's James Dobson.
Hagee has told friends that McCain "threw [him] under the bus," by soliciting his endorsement, and then disowning him after news came out about a previous offensive-sounding comment about Hitler. . . .
McCain also bungled an opportunity to patch things up with Dobson, who is very influential. Dobson had said last year that he could never vote for McCain, but this spring, he reached out to the nominee. Dobson wanted a meeting in Colorado Springs, but McCain demanded a meeting in Denver. No meeting ever happened.
There is little in McCain's record as a senator to upset evangelicals, but little to excite them either. . . . To evangelicals . . . he doesn't come across as "one of us."
(Hat-tip: Kleinheider.) It's not just evangelicals who don't perceive McCain as "one of us." The Republicans seem to be counting on voters perceiving Obama as "one of them."

UPDATE: Donald Rumsfeld also doesn't consider McCain "one of us":
Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld recently declined to answer whether he will support Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for president. . . .
McCain has said that Rumsfeld will "go down as one of the worst secretaries of defense in history." . . .
Rumsfeld told The Hill that he has not followed the presidential elections, but instead has been focused on work for his private foundation.
Asked whether that meant he wasn’t going to support McCain, Rumsfeld answered: "I have not been involved at all."
That's going to leave a mark.

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