Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fertility scoreboard

Just because you can't hang with my "brute baby-making force," Will Wilkinson, there's no need to go projecting your psychological insecurities onto others. I'm up 6-0, and you'll just have to learn to cope with being on the losing end of this Darwinian thing. Just hang out there in your genetic cul-de-sac, and I'll keep on surfing my personal demographic wave into the future.

And as to you, Megan McArdle, you may say "ever-increasing populations are neither sustainable nor desireable," but it's sure a lot of fun to try.

Surf's up!


  1. You've got to proud of something, I guess, Robert Stacy McCain. Of course, your children will read my books and turn on you. Who will have won then, my friend?

    Also, I wonder if you have considered that when you are dead, you cannot actually enjoy the fact that some partial copies of your genome are hanging around.

  2. First, Wilkinson would have to actually write a book. Second, it would have to be successful enough and interesting enough that RSM's kids would hear about it and, you know, read the thing. Third, if there is an afterlife, RSM will look down from heaven or up from hell at those partial copies of his genome and have bragging rights.