Wednesday, June 18, 2008

She's alive!

When last we heard from Mary Katharine Ham, she was leaving to go to The World's Least Important Newspaper. I warned at the time that she was heading into the Bermuda Triangle of journalism, and feared that she might never be heard from again.

Yet I came home just now to find a Facebook message telling me that indeed, she survives! Granted, she appears to be sharing space with a bunch of losers -- like this guy -- but she is at least verifiably in existence, which is more than can be said for Bill Sammon. (One hears the occasional rumor that Bill's still out there somewhere, but no one can say for sure.)

Seriously, MK: I was downtown Tuesday night and passed by an Examiner box. The main front page headline was about Tiger Woods winning the U.S. Open. Way to go, getting the big exclusive there! Man, nobody else is going to have that story, and it's the kind of inside-Washington stuff that really makes a difference. Your investigative team on Capitol Hill probably put in a lot of overtime to get that scoop. Drudge must have gone crazy for that one, y'know what I mean?

I figure Anschutz hired MK for the online job as a precursor to putting her in charge of the whole doggone paper, since she's got way more news sense that whatever clueless clown is in charge now. I give her about six months before she mounts a coup to depose the current editor. In the meantime, we can still turn on Fox and watch MK:

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