Thursday, June 19, 2008

Luce Ladies: The Video

The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute is one of my favorite organizations, providing leadership training to conservative women. As they point out in the video, they offer paid internships in Washington, sponsor the monthly Conservative Women's Network luncheons in Washington, and help students bring speakers like Michelle Malkin, Star Parker, Amanda Carpenter, Bay Buchanan and Ann Coulter to college campuses.

I first learned about the Luce Ladies when Lisa De Pasquale (who is now CPAC director) was CBLPI program director and invited me to a CWN luncheon to hear Kate Obenshain speak. That RSVP was a no-brainer: "Let's see, a roomful of conservative women and a free lunch. Yeah, I'll be there."

Since then, I've gotten to know Michelle Easton and her staff, and always do what I can to promote the organization. (Including blogging about their annual calendar.) As a matter of fact, Kathleen McCann -- CBLPI's lecture director, who is interviewed in the video -- joined the Luce Ladies after I recommended she get in touch with them last year.

CBLPI works hard to provide role models, mentoring, education, and networking opportunities for young conservative women, both in Washington and on college campuses across the country. Liberal bias in academia has an especially heavy impact on women students, since feminist ideologues in women's studies programs promote the notion that all women are (or should be) "progressive."

Student activists trained by CBLPI push back against that message, making sure their fellow students hear about conservative ideas their professors never tell them about. Just in watching that 5-minute video, I saw the faces of CBLPI-trained students like Allison Aldrich who are really making a difference.

Little wonder, then, that the Left has taken notice of CBLPI's success. The Nation, America's leading liberal magazine, recently called the Luce Ladies "the conservative group to watch in the upcoming years."

You know you're doing something right when the Left starts warning people about how dangerous you are. So give the Left something to worry about: Support the Lucy Ladies.

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