Wednesday, June 18, 2008

McCain drills Obama

Very good zinger:
For Senator Obama, the solution to every problem and the answer to every challenge is a new tax. And he is convinced that a 1970’s-style windfall profits tax is just what America needs in the 21st Century. . . .
When I announced this policy the other day, Senator Obama wasted no time in mischaracterizing it. He described my position as -- you guessed it -- another example of Bush’s third term. I guess the senator has changed his position since voting for the 2005 Bush energy bill -- a grab-bag of corporate handouts that I opposed. Come to think of it, that energy bill was the only time we’ve ever seen Senator Obama vote in favor of any tax break -- and it was a tax break for the oil companies.

Now that's more like it, Maverick. Amazing how much better Crazy Cousin John does, once he gets on the right side of an issue. Don Surber says, "Bush’s third term? I can only wish. Beats Jimmy Carter’s second."

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