Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hillary and me

Monday, Bill sent an e-mail calling me "Dear Robert," and then yesterday, Hillary Clinton decided to hang out with me:
Asked Tuesday if she was feeling pressure to get out of the race, Mrs. Clinton answered, "The most common thing the people say -- it happened here, it happened last night, it happens everywhere I go -- is, 'Don't give up,' 'Keep going,' 'We're with you.' And I feel very good about that, because that's what I intend to do."
That's from my report for The American Spectator on Mrs. Clinton's "Solutions for America" rally in Greensburg, Pa. Of course, you should read the whole thing. I also blogged the event for the Spectator, including this after-action report:
Barely an hour ago, Hillary Clinton was less than 10 feet from me -- me, two dozen other reporters, and no fewer than seven TV cameras on hand for a post-rally press conference.

It only lasted 15 minutes, but we were so close. And immediately afterwards, when I logged on and checked my e-mail, guess what I found in my inbox?

Yeah: "Dear Robert . . ." from you-know-who.

Can I charm 'em, or what?

UPDATE: I realize that some skeptics, like Sean Hackbarth, might accuse me of exaggerating the emotional bond that Mrs. Clinton and I formed during our moments together in Pennsylvania. But strange things were happening in Pennsylvania yesterday. And besides, maybe I . . . misspoke. I'm only human, after all.

UPDATE II: This video proves it. Notice at the 29-second mark, where she looks over to her right and gives me a big smile:

Oh, that little minx . . .

UPDATE III: Don Surber joins the scoffers:

Question: Does Hillary have a crush on Robert Stacy McCain?
Answer: He thinks so. Mrs. Clinton keeps sending him e-mails. Don’t break his heart by telling him this, but she sends everyone those e-mails.

Yeah, Don. Go ahead and laugh, but today I got an e-mail from Chelsea. Those Clinton women, they just can't resist me, I tell ya . . .

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  1. Dude! She is totally looking at you like she wants you.