Thursday, March 27, 2008

Barr bandwagon rolling?

More news about Bob Barr's potential Libertarian presidential campaign:
On a presidential run, Barr said:
“There’s been a tremendous expressed to me both directly and indirectly on the Internet. I take that support very seriously, and I think it also reflects a great deal of dissatisfaction with the current candidates and the current two-party system. So it is something, to be honest with you, that I’m looking very seriously at.”
Barr said a Libertarian candidacy would essentially be an extension of the Ron Paul campaign.
“Ron Paul tapped into a great deal of that dissatisfaction and that awareness.
Unfortunately, working through the Republican party structure, it became impossible for him to really move forward with his movement. But we have to have …. a rallying point out there to harness that energy, that freedom in this election cycle,” Barr said.
He gave that interview to an anti-war Web site, where it was picked up by blogger Jason Pye before being reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

This hacks me off, because I've known Barr for about 10 years, and first met him about 1996, while I was working at the Rome (Ga.) News-Tribune when he represented the 7th District in Congress. I've hung out with Barr in Orlando, Fla., and Washington, D.C., and I wrote the first news story about the Draft Barr campaign.

So my feelings are hurt that, when Barr wants to make news, he doesn't think of giving me a call. Maybe he's mad because of my growing friendship with Bill and Hillary.


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  1. I'd vote, and volunteer, and contribute! Bob Barr for President !