Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama's glass house

Doesn't stop him from throwing stones:
Sen. Barack Obama, whose campaign has sharply criticized the role of outside political groups in the presidential race, has benefited more than any other candidate from millions of dollars in independent political expenditures, records show. . . .
The political arm of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and other independent groups have spent more than $7.1 million directly supporting the Illinois Democrat's bid for the presidential nomination, campaign records show. . . .
Citing money from "big interests," Obama campaign manager David Plouffe wrote in an e-mail to supporters last year, "Outside groups are in the process of pouring more than $3.2 million into Iowa to support Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.
"Barack has repeatedly spoken out against the work of these outside groups, and this campaign does not accept any money from Washington lobbyists or PACs," he wrote.
For some reason, Democrats will never admit that labor unions are "special interests." Nor will Democrats ever do anything about the pervasive corruption of labor unions. So long as those corrupt unions keep footing the bill for the Democratic Party, no Democrat will ever criticize them.

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