Monday, March 24, 2008

The Hillary crisis

Hillary Clinton today issued three statements (one, two, three) on the housing crisis. Something tells me that somebody spent the weekend huddled with her pollsters.

Meanwhile, the blogosphere is feasting on the Hillary crisis, especially the suggestion by Clinton-backer Evan Bayh that Electoral College votes -- not actual delegates -- should determine the Democratic Party's presidential nominee. TNR's Christopher Orr comments:
Apart from that convenient fact there's pretty much nothing to recommend this method--either Democrat is all but certain to win states such as New York and California (and, yes, Connecticut) and to lose states such as Texas (and Utah). But then, describing reality really isn't what these exercises are about, is it?
At HotAir, Allahpundit notes that the Clintonistas haven't exactly been noted in the past for their staunch advocacy of the Electoral College. Bayh's suggestion may signal desperation afflicting the Clinton camp since Vandehei and Harris declared Obama a lead-pipe cinch for the nomination.

Yet with Obama stumbling over race and religion, and polls showing Hillary way ahead in next month's Pennsylvania primary, Team Clinton marches grimly onward. Tonight, there's a rally in Uniontown, a suburb of Pittsburgh and Tuesday, there's a "Solutions for America" meeting in Greensburg.

Mapquest says my house is "155 mi – about 2 hours 43 mins" from Greensburg, Pa. Because of my profound interest in Mrs. Clinton's campaign, I've decided it's worth the drive, especially since The American Spectator has generously agreed to help me meet the challenge of rising fuel prices. Talk about "Solutions for America"!

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