Friday, March 28, 2008

Karl Rove -- live at GWU!

I'm at George Washington University where Karl Rove speaks tonight at 7 p.m. C-SPAN is in the house at the Elliot School of International Affairs, and will broadcast live when Rove speaks about the 2008 presidential campaign.

Expect updates later -- how much later, I'm not sure. Rove's speech is hosted by the GW chapter of Young America's Foundation, led by Sergio Gor. When Sergio and his GW crew throw down, it's always off the hook.

UPDATE 6:40 p.m.: The Code Pinkos are here! I was just out front of Elliot Hall, where the advocates of peace and impeachment were making a nuisance of themselves, bothering passing motorists by holding up their "wanted for war crimes" posters, etc. They did not seem to be making many converts. One guy driving past on E Street hollered from his car window, "Get a life!"

The arrival of the Code Pinkos was hailed by the GW YAF students as good news -- driving the Left crazy is pretty much their goal in life. I got photos but am not able to upload them right now. Stay tuned for further updates.

UPDATE 8:15 p.m.: I have criticized Karl Rove many times over the years; I especially dislike his advocacy of amnesty for illegals. That said, his speech tonight at GW was very powerful.

Rove really enjoys the sports-like spectacle of politics. He described the 2008 campaign as "a ball of laughs," and noted the irony that the Democratic nomination will ultimately be decided by super-delegates -- an elite "aristocracy," as Rove called them.

"For the first time in our lifetime, the convention will matter," Rove said of the Democratic contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, noting that Florida and Michigan would be unrepresented in Denver. "The last time we had conventions with 48 states was in 1956."

Rove credited Republican John McCain with "doing some very smart things," including touring the Middle East with Democrat Joe Lieberman. And while the mainstream media is "going crazy for Obamacans" -- Republicans who say they support Obama -- "the real story of this campaign is the McCainocrats," Rove said, referring to Democrats who support McCain.

Rove devoted much of his lecture to criticizing Obama's rhetoric on the Iraq war, which he called "more damaging than almost any other issue."

In a Q&A after the speech, Rove was asked about Julian Bond, the NAACP chairman who's been invited as GWU's commencement speaker. "Julian Bond is a hate-filled individual," Rove said. While acknowledging Bond's role in the civil rights movement, Rove said that Bond's anti-Republican venom is "beyond the pale and he ought to be ashamed of himself."

Rove's speech was twice disrupted by anti-war protesters, the first of whom shouted, "Karl Rove is a war criminal! F--- you, Karl Rove!" Rove ad-libbed, "Must be an intellectual," while university police hauled away the disrupter.

The second disruption involved a group of protesters who held up a "war criminal" banner while their leader read an "indictment" of Rove. The group was likewise hauled away (and will undoubtedly be seated as superdelegates at the Democratic convention, my GW student friend comments).

Now, off to the reception ... updates later.


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