Saturday, March 29, 2008

Video: Code Pinkos protest Karl Rove

A small, ill-organized and rather listless demonstration Friday at George Washington University:

What's weird is when the bullhorn-wielding "leader" of the protesters begins the familar "1-2-3-4" anti-war chant -- a left-wing Golden Oldie that dates back at least to the mid-1960s -- but begins it with the second half: "5-6-7-8, stop the killing, stop the hate." Left-wing dyslexia?

I regret that I wasn't recording later, when the Code Pinkos desecrated the old folk-gospel classic "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" with such idiotic anti-Bush lyrics as, "They'll bomb the whole world, if they can." Utterly tasteless.

Friday's blog about the Rove's GWU speech is here, and I also filed a report for The Conservative Voice:
Sen. Barack Obama's rhetoric against the Iraq war could prove a major vulnerability for Democrats should Obama win their presidential nomination, former Bush administration political advisor Karl Rove said Friday. . . .
Criticizing Obama's record in the Senate, Rove said, "Where has he taken a leadership role? What bill has he sponsored?" . . .
Inside the Harry Harding Auditorium, Rove's speech was twice interrupted by student protesters, including one who shouted: "Karl Rove is a war criminal! [Expletive] you, Karl Rove!"
"Must be an intellectual," Rove said, as the protester was removed from the auditorium by university police.
Will update later with photos from the event.

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