Friday, March 28, 2008

Wow. Just wow.

Just got through reading the Times of London interview with Anita Thompson, which should be required reading for every Hunter S. Thompson fan.

Kudos to the interviewer, who must have pushed very hard to get such revelations about HST's final moments and about Anita's dispute with HST's son, Juan. It makes for a compelling article, but personally, I don't know that I could ask such questions of a grieving widow, much less commit the answers to print.

One reason I think every HST fan should read the interview is this quote from Anita:
“We had to make a living, so my job was to get him to write, and his job was to write so we could pay the bills. So there was tension there. We were always on deadline.”

Think about that, you ambitious young writers. Hunter S. Thompson was one of the most famous writers of his generation, and yet here he was in his 60s, "always on deadline" to pay the bills.

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