Monday, March 24, 2008

My new BFF, Bill Clinton

Preparing for Tuesday's trip to see Hillary at a "Solutions for America" event in Greensburg, Pa., I RSVP'd at, providing my e-mail address as requested.

Hillary's husband must be minding the Web site nowadays, because next thing you know, I got the following personal e-mail from the former Leader Of The Free World:
Dear Robert,
You and I both want Hillary to win. So let me be frank about the challenge our campaign faces right now. It couldn't be any simpler than this: we cannot be competitive politically unless we are competitive financially -- and right now we are at a financial disadvantage. The Obama campaign is already spending more than $1 million on an aggressive ad buy in Pennsylvania. . . . .
Despite the spirited support from Hillary's best supporters, including you, we are still being outraised and outspent by the Obama campaign. He outspent us by more than $10 million in February alone. Let's close the gap so Hillary can win in Pennsylvania, keep on winning, and be our next president. . . .

Just like Hillary, you've worked hard to get us this far. We cannot let up our efforts now and let this race be decided by a shortfall of funds. One thing I know for sure about Hillary -- if we give her the support she needs, she will never let us down, not as a candidate and not as president. She'll work just as hard for you in the White House as she is on the campaign trail. Let's match Hillary's efforts with our own.
Contribute to help us raise as much as we can by midnight tonight. I appreciate everything you are doing for Hillary so much. Let's keep working and winning.
Bill Clinton

You know, Bill, it's that "sincerely" that makes all the difference. That means so much, coming from you. And I'm sincerely glad to know how much you appreciate everything I'm doing for Hillary.

UPDATE: Monday night in Uniontown, Pa., Hillary campaigned with "coveted superdelegate," John Murtha:

U.S. Rep. John Murtha, an Iraq war critic, stumped for Hillary Clinton in Western PA Monday evening, in his first campaign appearance since endorsing the senator last week.
Murtha was one of two of the coveted superdelegates – the other was DNC committeeman Pat Maroney from West Virginia -- to endorse the New York senator after a long, post-March 4th drought.

While I'm neither coveted nor a superdelegate, Bill Clinton did call me "Dear Robert." And he did it sincerely.

UPDATE II: This reminds me of the time I was under sniper fire in Bosnia. Sorry, I "misspoke."

UPDATE III: I'm now in Greensburg, at the campus computer center. Got linked by Sean Hackbarth at The American Mind. Sean sincerely doubts my "Friend of Bill" credibility.

P.S.: Because of my Pennsylvania trip, I probably won't be blogging Tuesday.

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