Monday, March 24, 2008

A good blog week

Nothing is more boring than blogging about blogging, but just for the record, this past week was pretty good for The Other McCain.

Back in January and early February, right after I left The Washington Times and resumed private blogging, I got some links from Hot Air and Michelle Malkin that drove some really good numbers, plus an Instalanche on Feb. 9. So my January total was 5,335 visits and my February total was 11,708.

An auspicious beginning, but then I left for two weeks in Africa. I didn't do much blogging immediately after I returned, so traffic slumped and didn't really pick up for a while. The 30-day Sitemeter shows that after getting 202 visits on March 4, I didn't cross the 200-daily-visits threshold again until Monday, March 17, when I got 208. But in the past week, with links from Ace of Spades, Jawa Report, and Don Surber, things got jumping:
  • 3/18 -- 320
  • 3/19 -- 154
  • 3/20 -- 580
  • 3/21 -- 303
  • 3/22 -- 554
  • 3/23 -- 418
So, for March 17-23, that's a seven-day average of 362 daily visits. Not that Instapundit's going to be begging me for links or anything, but averaging over 300 dailies is decent traffic for one guy blogging about politics, prostitutes and Natalie Portman.

OK, enough boring blogging about blogging. How 'bout some Paris Hilton?

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  1. Robert, you're averaging as many hits as I am, and I've been blogging for four years. Either you're really good or I stink on toast. I'm fairly sure it's a mix of the two, heavy on the first.