Friday, March 28, 2008

Conservatives for Hillary?

After reading my Wednesday article in The American Spectator Online about Hillary Clinton's determination to fight to the end, reader Michael Tomlinson applauded:
That Hillary has the audacity to hope she can still win the Democrat nomination may offend effete Democrat elites, but as she knows they consistently backed losers or those should have lost so why listen to them. Obama is seriously damaged and a Muskie moment is not impossible. . . .
As a proud "tribalist" straight-ticket conservative Republican who wants to defend America from the threats without and within I'm enjoying the "catfight." I hope it lasts beyond the August Democrat zoo in Denver. I hope the vitriol trickles down into the ranks as the candidate's partisans begin attacking each other. Bill Richardson's knife in Hillary's back was sweet, but Carville's calling him Judas was even better. All I can say is more, more, more!
Mr. Tomlinson is by no means alone. Many conservatives are dissatisfied with the choice of John McCain as the GOP nominee, but this ugly feud between Obama and Hillary is the kind of intraparty squabble among Democrats we haven't seen since 1968. And Spectator reader A.C. Santore adds:
[T]he Clintons will not be done fighting until the last gavel of the Democratic Convention has banged, the doors are bolted and locked, and everyone has headed home.
Now we have George McGovern telling us that Hillary's a victim of sexism. And I don't think he's talking about Bill:
"I have a feeling that in this country where we're at today in our thinking, it's going to be harder to elect a woman than to elect a black man," he said to AP. "I wish that weren't true....I'd love to see Hillary as president."
Does being anti-Obama make McGovern a racist? Better yet, are Obama's supporters anti-Semites?
Barack Obama faced fresh controversy yesterday over the anti-Israel views propagated by his former pastor even as he was being welcomed to New York by Michael Bloomberg, the city's Jewish Mayor.
The disclosure of articles published by the Rev Jeremiah Wright's church newsletter threatened to overshadow his speech outlining his economic plans. The articles included a column by the Hamas leader, Mousa Abu Marzook, which asked: “Why should any Palestinian recognise the monstrous crimes carried out by Israel's founders and continued by its deformed modern apartheid state?”
(Via Memeorandum.) I am troubled that the Times of London felt the need to point out that Mayor Bloomberg is Jewish, as if only Jewish people would be offended that a Christian church would publish this kind of anti-Israel libel, written by a leader of Hamas, a notorious terrorist organization.

This revelation that Obama's church published in its newsletter a column by a Hamas leader could prove very damaging, even among anti-war Democratic voters. This crosses a line that even liberals ought to be able to recognize. It is possible to criticize U.S. foreign policy without resorting to reprinting terrorist propaganda.

So, to recap: The Democratic Party nomination battle comes down to Hillary's racist supporters versus Obama's sexist, anti-Semite, pro-terrorist supporters. Now all we need is a plausible accusation of homophobia . . .

UPDATE: Fake pledges of "unity" for the rubes:
They may bicker daily over issues, character and innuendo, but both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama appear to agree on one thing: Democratic voters will coalesce around a nominee and carry him or her to victory in November over Republican John McCain.
(Via Memeorandum.) This "Kumbayah" crap doesn't fool me for a minute. Hillary has spent her whole life working toward this moment, she believes herself to be entitled to the Democratic nomination, and she feels betrayed that so many of her ex-friends are now supporting Obama. She will neither forget nor forgive such betrayals. Bill Richardson had better watch his back. (Say, whatever happened to Kathleen Willey's cat?)

And if Hillary wins? The other day, I spoke to one analyst who predicted that if Hillary beats Obama for the nomination, there will be riots in major cities across the country. A bit too dire, maybe, but something to think about.

UPDATE II: Anita Thompson is a Hillary supporter:
The Clinton campaign is trailing so far behind the money game, it's grim. I even contributed to her campaign from my microscopic savings account just to make some effort to compete with all the cash flowing in to Obama. He is totally rolling in dough, and I doubt it's coming from his grandma in Kenya.
Like her late husband, Hunter S. Thompson, Anita is left/radical in her politics. Of course, it's hard to know where the Freak Power candidate for sheriff of Pitkin County, Colo., would line up in this Hillary-Obama grudge match, eh? Either way, I'm sure he'd enjoy the show.

(Background: I've been a big HST fan for 30 years, met Mrs. Thompson in September, and reported her reaction in November when she felt HST was being targeted by unfair posthumous criticism.)

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