Sunday, March 23, 2008

Glenn Reynolds, notorious hater

You've got to love the spectacle of sockpuppeteer Glenn Greenwald laying a ridiculous guilt-by-association smear on Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, especially because of Insty's brutal comeback:
I know it's hard to get your mind around the idea that multiple pseudonymous writers might actually be different people, but . . . .
Ouch. If nothing else, the Obama candidacy seems guaranteed to generate a lot of absurd fingerpointing about racism.

Greenwald's baseless accusation against Reynolds appears to reflect the current consensus among liberals: Because Obama's association with Rev. Wright exposes him to accusations of racism, we must deflect attention from that issue by accusing his accusers of (racist) bad faith.

This "accuse the accusers" mode of defense will be familiar to anyone who followed the Lewinsky scandal saga: Paula Jones was a lying slut, Monica Lewinsky was a crazy slut, Ken Starr was a puritanical fanatic, the whole thing was a vast right-wing conspiracy, et cetera. All of Clinton's accusers were, in some way, alleged to have unworthy motives -- and the malign motives of Clinton's accusers, it was implied, were worse than perjury and obstruction of justice.

Of course, if Hillary somehow manages a miracle comeback to steal win the Democratic nomination, liberal fingerpointing over alleged racism will be replaced by liberal fingerpointing over alleged sexism. And no one in the MSM will even notice the tactical shift.

Whatever sins Instapundit has committed, at least he has not crucified Obama. Not yet, anyway.

UPDATE: Linked by Don Surber. Thanks, Don.

UPDATE II: Meanwhile, Obama won't stop digging:

Understand this, something else that has not been reported on enough is despite these very offensive views, [Rev. Jeremiah Wright] has built one of the finest churches in Chicago. This is not a crackpot church. Witness the fact that Bill Clinton invited him to the White House when he was having his personal crises.

At this point, if I were Obama's advisors, I'd tell him to avoid discussing the Rev. Wright controversy, and certainly he shouldn't be trying to justify or defend him. Continued discussion of the issue only brings it more attention and keeps the controversy alive.

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