Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ex-child star woes

Jody Sweetin, who used to be one of those annoying kids -- her tag line was "How rude!" -- on "Full House," has lost custody of her child because of her booze and meth habits.

So, I guess it's a good thing John Stamos' plans for a "Full House" remake didn't work out. Can't you see the plot summary in TV Guide? Stephanie sells the Tanner family's TV at a pawn shop in order to pay for some meth; Jesse and Joey go to pawn shop to buy back the TV before Danny finds out; hijinks ensue when Stephanie's tattooed deadbeat ex-husband Cody shows up!

How did Sweetin spend her residuals? My guess: Paying a plastic surgeon for the super-deluxe implants:

If you need more celebrity schadenfreude to make you feel better about your pathetic existence, try "Hollywood's Ugliest Divorces."

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