Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let's insult the animals!

Thanks to Ace for alerting us to one of the funniest blogs ever. Why is the blog so funny? I think part of the joy of saying rude things about furry creatures is the fact that, in real life, you can no longer insult people without risking a career-destroying accusation of some kind of "ism."

Politics is one of the last safe excuses for insults. I can call Bob Shrum a "thievish lying whore" and, hey, that's just politics. And it's also true. Fortunately, Shrum is a middle-aged white guy. If he was a woman, it would be sexist to insult him, and if he was, say, a Latina lesbian, I'd be accused of racism and homophobia even for mentioning it.

So, in order to vent our inner resentment, we are forced to get our jollies by insulting animals -- like squirrels or, as I prefer to call them, forest rats.


  1. Why "insult" Forest Rats, when you can purchase a very accurate pellet-rifle and roast a few for Christmas dinner?