Friday, December 19, 2008

Quote of the day

"We could find pictures of Obama spooning Blagojevich on a bed of cash and the MSM would respond by launching a hard-hitting investigation to find out exactly which pairs of Sarah Palin's pumps were purchased by the RNC."
-- Stephen Kruiser


  1. Translation:
    Waaaaaahhh! Waaaaaaahhhh!!!

    It pains me to see that RS did not post Newt Gingrich's
    excoriation of Republicans over this Blago flap.
    When even the Newt sees the ridiculous attempt by the Cons to make political hay out of a non-story you have to think that the Right is really lost in its own echo-chamber limbo.
    The crazy thing is that, as the days have passed, the argument has gone from some deep conspiracy theory to the classic " blame the media" game.

    I, for one, encourage this kind of childish behavior.
    It only serves to make the bitter sore losers on the Right even more irrelevant than they are....

  2. That is a beautiful quote! But the sad part is that it is true. And the DDBMSOWM wonders why people are turning away from them in droves!